Gear Head. Pixel Pusher. Tech Geek.

With a tendency to both dream big and get my hands dirty, I mostly like to think of myself as a creativity enthusiast. If it’s innovative or unique, I want to immerse myself in it. Creativity can be used to describe artistic expression or engineering prowess, but many times it spurs from a unique balance of both. We’ve seen things like phones evolve from telecommunication devices to information portholes that allow us to learn and create anywhere – but how do we ensure we aren’t getting lost in the digital world we’ve given life to and avoid missing out on the very world we live in? Even with all the exciting advancements we see every day, it takes this balance of art in technology to allow these solutions to truly supplement and augment our lives while still helping us maintain the connection to reality that makes us human.

My last 8 years have been about exploring how the world of software and hardware can be combined to help us think and create in not only different, but better ways. Whether using CAD to create your next 3D Print, or visualizing a new art installation using augmented reality, I always look to find that balance between the cool new tech of tomorrow and real-world applications of today. This site is meant to follow my own creative projects with an emphasis on taking an artistic perspective on engineering as well as finding applications for new tech in expression and art.

I’ve never been good at sticking to one medium, so you’ll find a variety of projects ranging from photography, mixed media, and 3D Printing, to wrenching on cars, creating interactive art experiences, and traveling the world in search of inspiration.